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No stranger to live audiences and television audiences in the northeast, Chris first came to national attention when he performed in concert on one of PBS-TV’s broadcast specials, which still airs to this day. Since then, Chris has been traveling around the country delivering his unique brand of vintage rock and roll and sharing his passion for the classics. He’s shared the stage with artists such as Bobby Rydell, The Duprees, The Drifters, and many many more. It seems almost pre-ordained that he’s now working the same stages as the artists who he grew up admiring. An East Coast Music Hall of Fame 2020 Nominee, he performed at the Music Hall’s 2019 induction ceremony alongside Tito Puente, Jr. singing the iconic song Tito’s father wrote, “Oye Como Va.” “When I’m on stage singing a classic love song and I look out into the audience and see that twinkle in their eyes, I know they’re thinking about a special time and place in their life - or maybe their first kiss!” Chris says. “It’s magic.“ For Chris, entertaining is not a vocation, it’s a way of life. “Just give me a spotlight and a microphone and tell me what time I go on.”







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