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With a high energetic style, and a unique rhythm,(his style has been called '..pure comedic jazz'), Troy Thirdgill is one of the most touring acts working today. From Cruise ships, colleges, comedy clubs, military bases and huge corporate events, Thirdgill can work them all and has. He's been to more countries than almost any comic in the world. It's his clean but not corny, intelligent material, insanely real characters that evoke deep laughs because its from a perspective unlike so many others. As Troy puts it, "... all these comics out there acting like they're tortured artist rebels because they use profanity or vulgar premises, ... well, if everyone is rebelling, doesn't that make them conformist?" Thirdgill is a true rebel. He's one of the few comedians working, where you can laugh with your whole family and it wont be until the shows over that people often go, "I was laughing straight the whole time and I didn't realize until we were leaving, he never was vulgar.."





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30-45 Min Stage Show



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